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Rainer Maria Rilke

Do you hear yourself asking such questions such as:

  • "What is wrong with my relationship"?
  • "Will my job EVER be any better?"
  • "Will I ever stop having these intrusive thoughts?"
  • "Will I ever get over this loss?"
  • "What is wrong with ME? Everyone else seems to have things work out for them and I never do?"
  • "What is wrong with my athletic performance?"
  • "Why can't I get any faster?"
  • "Will I always feel afraid to really push myself?"
  • "Will the coach ever put me in the front line up?"

    Try to imagine how much better your life could be if these questions no longer troubled you.

    For Exercise and Sport Performance

    Working with me will help you, or your team, improve athletic performance. Do you want to be faster, stronger, more consistent, but have questions about being able to be so? You can have what you want by understanding what has blocked you from meeting your goals, and changing those blocking beliefs into successful performances.

    For Personal/Relational Psychotherapy

    You can also have the relationship you want by answering those doubting, possibly self-judging questions that have plagued you. We will explore these questions together with curiosity and compassion, rather than criticism. Making sense of your experiences with compassion, rather than criticism or confrontation, can ensure that you move forward with confidence.


    Many people come see me in the midst of a personal crisis, i.e. a decline in athletic performance, marital separation, divorce, job loss, or trauma. Most have carried harsh judgments about their character and their ability to make positive choices. A strong belief in everyone's personal strength has guided my professional life. I am committed to the belief that each of us can lead a life based on integrity, where our values and behaviors are balanced.

    Therapeutic Orientation

    My background is in psychotherapy and sports science. In both fields I combine different modalities of therapy to help clients make sense of personal life experiences.

    There are some forms of therapy that work well in both areas of my expertise. Internal Family Systems is such a therapy. Developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, this model helps us learn to know and care for those "parts' of us, i.e. feelings, behaviors or beliefs that we have strongly disliked, even hated. It is based on the premise that we can do this with compassion, rather than judgment, and that by doing so we can relieve these parts of life-long negative beliefs.

    I'll explain more about what I do using the concept of rowing in a boat of rowers, as seen in the photo. In this boat, each rower represents a different part of us and together they embody our SELF-ENERGY, or that energy that can act with compassion, confidence, curiosity and calmness. In your mind's eye see this boat moving smoothly through the water, each rower guided by her own parts, holding Self energy for the boat. The boat hits a wake, causing it to lose its former balance. One possible outcome is that each rower begins to feel self critical, and/ or, critical of other rowers for the loss of balance in the boat.

    Similarly, each of us has different parts that contribute to our internal system remaining in balance. If any part begins to feel negative about itself, other parts try to compensate to protect us from the pain of this negative thinking part. As a part becomes extreme in its determination to protect us from the distressing questions we might ask ourselves, our internal system is affected. The affect might be that we feel intense emotions, and beliefs about ourselves, for having these negative self beliefs.

    My belief is that each of us can live a life free of those burdensome beliefs that tell us we are in some way not good enough. My commitment is to help clients experience the release of those negative feelings and to hold the hope for that happening, no matter how despairing clients may feel. When this occurs, those questions we feared asking no longer trouble us and our energy is greater.

    Education and Clinical Training

    I received my Masters Degrees in Social Work from the University of North Carolina in 1973 and my Masters Degree in Exercise and Sport Science in 1992 from Pennsylvania State University.

    I enjoy using several models of therapy in my practice. In addition to the Internal Family Systems model, I am a trained consultant in EMDR. This is a trauma based therapy developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro.

    Additionally I am a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, a model of therapy developed by Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt. All three models of therapy are effective when used individually or collectively. Each holds the hope and belief that we can face difficult personal questions with compassion and curiosity, letting go of judging, critical beliefs.

    Professional Organizations

  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
  • Board Certified Diplomat (ABE)
  • Internal Family Systems Association
  • Board of Directors, Evangelical Community Hospital
  • Board of Directors, Central Pennsylvania Rowing Association

    Personal Interests

    When not at work I am likely to be rowing or involved in another activity that keeps me fit and energetic. My other interests are spending time with friends and family, traveling, and learning new things


    Some find it difficult to make the call to schedule an appointment, so our office wants you to feel as comfortable as possible. When you do call, you can either speak with our office manager, Della, or leave a message in my voice mail and I will return your call within that working day. I do schedule my own appointments.

    When you come for your first appointment, please arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled time to complete some paper work. If you prefer, you can download these papers from my website by clicking on the link below and bring them with you. The forms include an intake sheet, insurance information, if you are using insurance, and the HIPPA forms (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1966), required by law. I use the information you give me to know more about you and what your needs are.

    My office hours are Monday-Thursday, with evening times available. Some Friday morning times are also available. For directions and a map to my office, please follow the Contact link at the top of the page.



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